La Marca Prosecco
chill time

winter wonderfun

Cold is the new cool.

Winter solstice: the longest, funnest night

  • WHY: Winter solstice marks the beginning of the end of our coldest season. Plus, as the shortest day, that means it’s the longest night. Who’s up for that?
  • INSIDE: Plan to start your party indoors, warming everyone up with a low-pressure chili cook-off and just the right cocktail.
  • OUTSIDE: Provide plenty of places to sit and mingle, and let your more winter-loving guests build a bar out of ice blocks if you live in a snow-friendly state.
  • ROAST: If you have enough room outside, build a mini-bonfire and make midwinter s'mores, using chocolate mints for a refreshing twist. Indoors, use a fireplace or even a candelabra to toast up your marshmallows.
  • MIX: Bourbon & Bubbles. Don’t you get a warm feeling just reading that?

bourbon & bubbles

Assemble the ingredients:
  • 4½ oz. La Marca Prosecco
  • 1 oz. American whiskey
  • ½ oz. orange liqueur
  • 3 dashes sweet bitters
  • 3 dashes bitters

Stir the bourbon, liqueur and bitters.  Strain into a coupe glass while simultaneously pouring in your La Marca Prosecco. Garnish your bourbon & bubbles cocktail with a lemon twist.

  • La Marca Prosecco

    Poolside Party

    Splash it up. Sip it down.

  • La Marca Prosecco

    classic clambake

    Doin' it East Coast style.

  • La Marca Prosecco


    Prep and primp. Pre or post.

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